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Currently our meat boxes are the only items available for online purchase but, if you are passing through Winton these are the prices you will find in our shop.
* Prices are subject to change in store

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Porterhouse Steak $33.95kg
Ribeye Steak $41.95kg
Rump Steak $24.95kg
T-Bone Steak $35.95kg
Roast Beef $17.95kg
Corned Silverside $15.95kg
Corned Brisket $14.95kg
Tenderised Steak $20.95kg
Braising Steak $21.95kg
Casserole Steak $20.95kg
Stewing Steak $19.95kg
Topside Roast $21.95kg
Beef Olives $21.95kg
Beef Stir-fry $22.95kg
Weiner Schnitzel $22.95kg
Cross Cut Blade Steak $20.95kg
Beef Mince $17.95kg
Oxtails $16.95kg
Diced Beef $22.95kg
Shin on Bone $14.95kg
5kg Beef Mince $80.00ea
Fillet Steak $48.95kg
Tripe $13.95kg
5kg Meat Patties $70.00ea
5kg Pre-Cooked Meat Patties $70.00ea
Cherrios $14.95kg
Sausage Meat (tubes) $5.00ea
5kg Swiss Roll $70.00ea
Black Pudding $22.95kg
Meat Patties $16.95kg
Eye Bacon $25.95kg
Shoulder Bacon $20.50kg
Loin Bacon $24.95kg
Rolled Roast Pork $19.50kg
Pickled Pork $16.95kg
Sliced Ham $22.95kg
Boneless Ham $20.95kg
Pork Chops $22.95kg
Pork Strips $19.95kg
Pork Stir-fry $19.95kg
Leg Roast $14.50kg
Pork Weiner Schnitzel $19.95kg
Bacon Bones $8.95kg
Pork Bones $8.95kg
Bacon Hocks $8.95ea
Pork Hocks $7.95ea
Carvery Ham $20.95kg
HOB Traditional $17.95kg
Baby Back Ribs $19.95kg
Streaky Bacon $24.95kg
Pork Fillet $21.50kg
Pork Mince $17.95kg
Pork & Apricot Steaks $19.95kg
Pork Belly Roast $19.95kg
Streaky Honey Bacon $24.95kg
Pigs In Blankets $10.00ea
Pork Loin Roast $19.95kg
Hogget 4 ¼ Roast $31.95ea
Lamb Loin Chops $27.95kg
Shanks $17.95kg
Side of Hogget $125.00ea
Lamb Steaks $25.95kg
Hogget Lion Chops $26.95kg
Lamb Shoulder Chops $19.95kg
½ Hogget Leg $25.00ea
Lamb Leg Chops $21.95kg
5kg Lamb Leg Chops $100.00ea
Lamb Racks $51.95kg
Lamb Kidney $17.95kg
Rolled Seasoned Lamb 4 ¼ $30.00ea
Lamb Kebabs $2.50ea
Sweetbreads $14.95ea
Cooked Lamb Ham $50.00ea
Lambs Fry $9.95kg
Lamb Backstraps $45.95kg
Hogget 4 ¼ Chops $19.95kg
5kg Hogget Chops $110.00ea
Lamb Kebabs x 30 $55.00ea
Full Hogget Leg $50.00ea
5kg Lamb Loin Chops $110.00ea
Lamb Side $120.00ea
Lamb Leg $19.95kg
Lamb Swirl $15.95kg
Lamb Mince $19.95kg
Tunnel Boned Lamb Leg $21.95kg
Butterfly Leg Roast $24.95kg
Diced Lamb $21.95kg
½ Lamb Leg $19.95kg
Whole Chicken $18.50ea
5kg Chicken Breasts $$90.00ea
Smoked Chicken Breasts $19.95kg
Skinless Chicken Breasts $18.95kg
5kg Chicken Drums $$50.00ea
Chicken Drums $10.95kg
Chicken Thighs $$20.95kg
5kg Boneless Chicken Thighs $95.00ea
Chicken Kebabs $2.50ea
Chicken Nibbles $12.95ea
5kg Chicken Nibbles $60.00ea
Chicken Schnitzel Crumbed $19.95kg
Chicken Liver $9.95ea
Duck Breasts $18.95ea
Duck Legs $18.95ea
Smoked Salmon $72.95kg
Flavoured Smoked Salmon $72.95kg
Smoked Salmon Pate $12.95ea
Prawn Skewers $45.00ea
Mussels Wrapped In Bacon $39.95kg
Pork $15.95kg
Pre-Cooked $12.95kg
5kg Pre-Cooked $50.00ea
Beef $12.95kg
5kg Beef $50.00ea
Saveloys $12.95kg
5kg Saveloys $50.00ea
Chippolatas $13.95kg
5kg Chippolatas $50.00ea
Breakfast $13.95kg
Frankfurters $11.50kg
Venison $15.95kg
Boerewors $22.95kg
Pork & Chive $15.95kg
Honey Mint & Rosemary $15.95kg
Steak & Onion $15.95kg
Texan Chilli $15.95kg
Roast Beef Mustard $15.95kg
Italian Casalinga $15.95kg
Greek Lamb $15.95kg
Lamb Mint Rosemary $15.95kg
Cheese & Bacon $15.95kg
Mexican Jalapeno $15.95kg
Cheese & Onion $15.95kg
Roast Beef & Horseradish $15.95kg
Herb & Garlic $15.95kg
Crumbed $15.95kg
Tomato & Basil $15.95kg
Cheese & Pineapple $15.95kg
Cheese & Onion $15.95kg
Curried $15.95kg
Gluten Free
Gluten Free Sausages $17.95kg
Gluten Free Chipolatas $17.95kg
Gluten Free Saveloys $17.95kg
Gluten Free Meat Patties $17.95kg
Gluten Free Sausage Meat Tube $6.00ea

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